The Obesity Challenge – National Obesity Awareness Week 2015

We are asking the UK to join us in a national New Year’s resolution to turn obesity around. Whether it’s cooking more healthily, avoiding snacks, or being a little more physically active, join in and make your healthy New Year’s resolution now!

How carpentry and solid oak floors can help with the state of the nations waistline

national obesity hardwood flooring

In today’s hectic world, it can be hard to find the time to do our 30 minutes of recommended exercise that can help curb obesity, fortunately taking up carpentry and installing things like solid oak flooring may just be the answer that the state of the nations waistline needs. By incorporating more active activities into our routines and schedules, we not only get things done but we also burn off some all important calories.

Installing solid oak flooring can help curb obesity

So just how many calories do activities like carpentry, laying solid oak flooring and DIY burn off? Well scientists have estimated that you will typically burn around 300 per hour with these kinds of activities. To put 300 calories into perspective that’s around 15% of your daily recommended guidelines. It’s not just DIY and wooden flooring though, even common tasks like ironing can help burn off fat too, so now there’s no excuse for avoiding it.

The main takeaway is that if you’re short of time or simply don’t have the ability to build exercise into your daily routine on a regular basis, then doing more strenuous hobbies and tasks may just be the answer for you.

How ditching a commercial dishwasher can help the state of the nations waste-line

manual dishwashing obesity

These days just about every household or kitchen task has been automated with the invention of devices like food processors and a commercial dishwasher. Getting rid of these devices that do indeed make our life easier but cause us to burn off less calories may just be the answer that people need. As previously mentioned, common day to day tasks can really be helpful to shifting those additional calories and doing things like preparing food or dish cleaning, is no exception to this.

National obesity awareness says Ditch your commercial dishwasher and do it manually

Now of course you can burn off more calories by doing specific exercises like jogging or cycling but the battle against obesity is often won by the day to day things that we do including not using industrial dishwashers in favor of cleaning the dishes or chopping the vegetables ourselves. While doing these sorts of trivial tasks manually can seem like a choir, over a long enough time period the calories you burn and the fat that you’ll lose can really add up. As well as getting rid of your kitchen appliances, it is extremely beneficial if the food and dishes that you’re preparing are healthy too!

How activities like installing cheap wallpaper can help Nation Obesity Awareness

One of the most difficult parts about raising awareness of the state of the nation’s waistline and raising awareness of and offering a solution to obesity is getting people to exercise. People build exercise up in their minds to be something that only ‘fit people’ do but that really couldn’t be further from the truth, even simple DIY tasks like installing cheap wallpaper can make a huge difference to the number of calories that people burn off on a daily basis.

install wallpaper national obesity

How installing cheap wallpaper can burn off extra calories

Using myself as an example is the best way to illustrate this point. I decided to take up woodwork and other forms of DIY that would get me active and doing things around the house. This had several advantages, not only was my house getting new wall decorations and other items but it was making sure that I was active during my periods where I’m not working. I chose to install the cheap wallpaper because the spare room in hour house needed renovating as the old wall hangings had been there for a while.

During the whole process I decided to wear a heart rate monitor that had been loaned to my by a friend in order to measure the actual calories that I was burning off. It took me almost 3 hours to get the room finished, the brick wallpaper that I had installed really looked great and it turns out I burned off an extra 500 calories from my resting rate! That’s pretty impressive. So if you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds, why not take up a physically demanding hobby rather than worrying about doing some of the more traditional things like jogging.